Once an animal is fit and healthy, has been sterilized and vaccinated, it is ready for adoption. But with so many unwanted and abandoned animals in the Algarve, competition for suitable new owners is tough and it’s not an easy task.

We always encourage people looking to adopt an animal to first check out the local municipal canil (council pound) Why do we do this? First, there are many abandoned animals all desperate for a home and much more needy than ours. To adopt an animal from your local canil is to truely rescue an animal.

All our animals for adoption can be viewed on our Facebook page in our album “Animals for Adoption” where you can also see information about the animal and request more details.

Alternatively you can see for yourself!  Visit the Refuge during opening hours and see for yourself all our lovely animals looking for adoption!

For people wanting to take domestic animals back to the u.k: 

The requirments for taking your cat or dog back into the u.k have now been relaxed meaning no more quarantine or 6 month wait if you do the passport properly! It should now only take 3 weeks from vaccination to travel.

Please read the defra website for more information and to check documents are correct before travel: