If you are unable to adopt a real animal but  would like to do something special why not sponsor an animal?

Your sponsorship goes towards the care and upkeep of your chosen animal whilst also helping the others. It costs  €25  a quarter year. When you become a sponsor we will send you either by email or post pictures of your animal along with information, what has been happening to it and how your sponsorship has helped.

1. choose your animal, found in our “Animals for Financial Adoption” on our facebook page. Facebook.com/o.refugio.dos.burros

2. Post either a cheque or receipt for bank transfer(numbers on contact and info) to us along with your name, postal address, email and the name of the animal you would like to adopt.

3. All the animals for sponsorship are our animals who are unlikely to find a new home or have already been at the refuge for years! If you would like more info about this scheme you can  email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 927 336 096