How to help

As you can imagine, with up to 150 animals to care for and feed the costs are high. Every month around  €1200 is spent on food, €1500 on veterinary care, sterilization and medicines, and dont forget utility bills, shop rents, fuel and additional animal care like the farrier. We recieve no funding.

We rely totally on money raised in our charity shops and personal donations. We just scrape by, thanks to the hard work of our shop volunteers and all the people that give their time and expertise to help us continue.

Whilst financial donations are very much appreciated and put to good use there are other ways you can help us volunteer some time as we always need

  • Dog walkers on our scheduled walking days
  • People who could work a few hours in the charity shops
  • Make  a donation – these are always welcome.
  • Donations of food, dog food, cat food, rice and pasta.
  • Give us your old blankets or towels for bedding.
  • Send us any collars or leads.
  • Donate to us any unwanted but in good condition clothes furniture, books or household goods  for us to sell in the shops.
  • Sponsor an animal.