We are located in Estombar, Algarve, close to the N125 e A22, inbetween Lagoa and Portimão.

We are open thursday 11h to 13h for volunteers, visits, adoptions and anything else requires an appointment by email, Facebook or through the charity shops.

If you are travelling far, call ahead to check time’s.
General Info (including volunteers) 927336096 (English Speaking) or 964112011 (Portuguese Speaking)
Info on Animal Adoptions – 927336096
Charity Shop Info 966033127
Please call us if you know of an animal we maybe able to help, we try to help and reach further than the Refuge.
Due to our small size our priorities are to the animals who have noone, in most case’s we dont accept pet’s, we beleive owners have a responsibility to rehome their pet’s, if you would like help and advice to do this, please contact us.
Adress: Refugio dos Burros Apt 117 Lagoa 8400 Portugal
Novo Banco

IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0017 5400 3482 3

Agencia Lagoa