It is our strong belief that if sterilization of animals was better practised there would be far fewer animals living in shelters or on the streets.

We urge people to sterilize their animals both male and female,   and encourage owners if not willing to sterilize to at least be more responsible and prevent uneccessary breeding to try and control the problem of unwanted animals on the Algarve and across Portugal. We know only too well the costs of sterilization, and yes it is a surgical procedure and can carry risks but the benefits can be more than just no babies!

For females it means no more seasons so  is more hygenic and also no male dogs sniffing around the home. For males the elimination of testicular cancers, stops him disappearing after bitches or foxes in heat.

There is also the possibility of calming over exited or aggressive behavior. If your bitch accidently becomes pregnant or you find an abandoned pregnant  bitch please contact your local vet as soon as possible Your local vet can give you informative advice.

There are some associations in the Algarve who exist to help financially disadvantaged owners or people caring for street animals .Your local vet could point you in their direction.