Abandoned and lost animals

We, as nearly all the other shelters on the algarve have reached the point  that we cannot take more dogs.   we have exceeded and passed our capacity.   with so many people abandoning their animals and insisting on letting them breed the situation is at crisis point.

If you find an animal you believe to be lost take it to a vet to check for a chip, they will do this for free, check for missing posts in the area and check on encontra-me.org if the dog has been posted,you can also post a picture of the animal there for free. check with the local vets if they recognise the animal and also the gnr(local police) also send the picture to all the local animal associations so if the owner asks they can point them in your direction or help circulate the picture, leave your contact in the local pound(municipal canil)

If you have seen a dog you believe to be abandoned, firstly dont take it home if you are unable to keep it there. give it food and water. in winter an old box or couple of pallets can make a shelter for an animal with nothing.  there are many abandoned dogs living on the streets that have adapted well and will be better off left there and given food than put into over crowded pounds where they risk getting attacked and killed or kept in tiny filthy crates.   if the dog isnt surviving well or is getting attacked by others take pictures and send to us and other animal associations with information and a contact.

If the dog is female please try to sterilize her, if you cannot afford the cost ask the vet for contacts of charities that can help, a female on the street will be pregnant in no time, sterilization prevents more misery and suffering

If it has an injury or is sick ask at the vet clinic for contacts of associations that help with medical care of street animals.

Please realize euthanasia is sometimes the only and kindest solution.  a life of misery is no life

If you find new born puppies or kittens in a bin, unless you are prepared to feed them every 3 hours for 3 weeks and then find them homes consider euthanasia, its not a nice option but is better than a life of misery in a pound like so many already are.

Cats often adapt and survive quite easily to street life, again if you can sterilize a female you are already helping the problem of unwanted animals on the algarve.

If you know any animal who is being abused and cruelly treated you need to make a report to sepna on  808200520,  if you know an animal in a sad situation, maybe a dog on a short chain, taking and putting in a crowded pound isnt the solution, contact us or another association for advice on working to improve its life.

If you are looking after a street animal and would like help with food, medicine or sterilization please contact us, we will do our best to help.

Animal associations  like ourselves are trying our best to cope with a sad situation but we cant do it alone, we need everybody to do their part in helping the animals.

Their goal, to rescue as many abused and abandonned animals as they could reach.   Their aim being to rehabilitate and care for these animals on their small farm,where then, if the animal couldnt go on to be found a good home it was promised a home for life with them on the farm, when then the refugio dos burros was born! the refuge is still to this day run on the same principles, although, now also home to dogs, cats, kittens and puppies but still always with the thought that,if they need it,once through the gate’s they have a home for the rest of their live’s.