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Our hope is a world where all animals if not loved, are treated with respect and compassion.


We try to provide not only a home, but the best life possible for animals unable to find a home of their own.

Our story


Refugio dos Burros is a private animal refuge, situated on a small farm in the Algarve countryside. Our name in Portuguese means “donkey shelter” which is what we started out as. Now almost 30 years later, we’re now home to 150 rescue animals of all kinds, each with their own name and story.

Dog sitting and sheep standing
Two goats cuddling
The refuge
Luckily in 2014, with the help of our volunteers and some very generous donors, we were able to raise enough money to buy the land the refuge was built on. This was the start of a new future for the animals in our care at that time. And we hope to be able to continue our work here for many more years to come.
​Our mission – beyond adoption


We'd love to find permanent, happy homes for as many animals in our care as possible. However, most have already found their home with us. This includes the old and the sick, the ones with missing ears, eyes, or limbs, and the unsociable characters. Whatever the reason preventing them from being adopted, it doesn’t matter to us.

An old dog and a dog in a wheelchair
Two horses with faces close
Lifelong care
At Refugio dos Burros, our animals have a home for life. We put our hearts into ensuring they have the most enjoyable and comfortable life possible, no matter how much time they have left with us.

Refugio dos Burros relies heavily on donations to keep the shelter open for animals who need our help. Please click the button below to donate, all contributions are gratefully received.

Small dog with big eyes looking at camera
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