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Check your canil first
Once an animal is in good health and has been sterilized, chipped, and vaccinated, it’s ready for adoption. But with so many unwanted and abandoned animals in the Algarve, competition for suitable new owners is tough.
We always encourage people looking to adopt an animal to first check out the local municipal canil (council pound), where the animals may not be kept in the best conditions and could be living in cramped conditions. To rescue from a canil is to truly rescue an animal.
An old dog in the background
An old dog looking wistful
Adopting from us
If you would like to adopt from us, you’ll first need to meet the animal. This is so we can ensure you’re suitable for each other, and that your home has the correct conditions for your new life together. While we don’t sell our animals, we do appreciate a donation. This helps us prepare for the next animal that comes through our gates, and provide ongoing care for the ones who’ll never find a home.
First steps
To enquire about adoptions, make an appointment to visit us, or find out more about the shops or volunteering, please email us at or message us on our Facebook page. 
Please note we’re a very small team that prioritises caring for the animals above all else, and appreciate your patience for a reply.
A lady stroking a dogs head
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